Hope Circle: Be a Person of Peace

How much is one life lost but found for eternity worth?

God of Hope
is searching the global internet for “persons of peace” (Luke 10:6) to join the Hope Circle. “Persons of peace” bring honor to the name of Jesus by faithfully sharing in a gentle and respectful way the testimony of Jesus that there is but one true God and helping someone experience the peace of having Jesus in their lives, being reconciled with God and having the hope of eternal life.


Now What?

Be a Hope Circle “person of peace.” Pray for, listen to and walk with one non-religious family member, friend or acquaintance who is in crisis, doesn’t know God is real or there is life after death and tell them stories about Jesus, who he is, what he did, why it matters and why you believe.

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Today's Stop and Think

STOP AND THINK - If you’re not comfortable within yourself, you can’t be comfortable with others. (Sydney J. Harris, 20th century newspaper journalist)

We admire people who are self-assured and confident. They seem to be perfectly comfortable with who they are; they don’t want to be somebody else. There are others who always seem to be wishing they were like someone else; they lack self-confidence and assurance. But, when we discover a fulfilling purpose for our lives, we will be content with who we are.

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment (Romans 12:3).

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Getting it wrong! “Oh no! Here come the Christians.” A whispered comment overheard between two board members at a public school board meeting on bullying in Long Beach, California.

Getting it right! Jesus said, “ Be merciful…work for peace…love your enemies…do not judge others.” Matthew 5:7,5:9,5:44,7:1
Young people excited about the new experience of entering high school have their dreams turn into nightmares by bullying. Continue reading

It’s Just a Season, Not Your Life

It’s so easy to get caught up in what is going on in our lives right now—especially if it is hard or challenging. I’m almost 38, and can look back just over the last 10 years and see a roller coaster of events. But isn’t that life? It has its ups and downs, sometimes as results of our choices, others just because of the world we live in. It can be hard to maintain hope, to see through the dips and over the tops of the hills. Continue reading

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Darrell Waltrip"God of Hope will reach many souls and make a huge difference in believer's and non-believers' lives. I've been involved in many Christian projects: this is the best one yet!"

Darrell Waltrip
NASCAR Hall of fame driver and Champion,
Fox Broadcaster

Mark Roberts"God of Hope is a compelling series of stories that bear witness to the presence and power of God, who is our hope. The creative retelling of the biblical story is historically accurate and theologically faithful."

Dr. Mark Roberts
Executive Director, Max DePree Center for Leadership
Fuller Theological Seminary