The Incredible Story of Thomas

The story of Thomas is powerful and relevant to what we all face in this fast-paced, high-tech world of today. It was just as hard 2000 years ago to put in your faith in someone as it is today. But when we do…

It can be life changing.


Listen to the story of Thomas yourself and hear the emotion, the questions and learn how he came to faith and hope. (20 minutes)


Steve Cook at of Atlanta, Georgia is the voice of Thomas.


"God of Hope will reach many souls and make a huge difference in believer's and non-believers' lives. I've been involved in many Christian projects: this is the best one yet!"

Darrell Waltrip
NASCAR Hall of fame driver and Champion, Fox Broadcaster

"God of Hope is a compelling series of stories that bear witness to the presence and power of God, who is our hope. The creative retelling of the biblical story is historically accurate and theologically faithful."

Dr. Mark Roberts
Senior Director and Scholar -in- Residence for Laity Lodge