#1 – God, Guts, and Aspirin

These are the inside stories about the launch of the Lexus Division of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. 25 years ago and the parts that God, guts, and aspirin played in its success.   God Something as difficult and challenging as … Continue reading

#2 – Yuki Togo and the Emperor’s Son

It was December of 1986. I was the Cincinnati General Manger for Toyota, responsible for the states of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. My assistant, Nyoka Haynes, came running into my office saying, “Mr. McCurry is on the line.” I … Continue reading

#4 – Flagship 1 Gets a Name

In 1936, Kiichiro Toyoda was granted a license to build cars and trucks in Japan, but the company’s name would not exactly reflect the family name. The number of strokes required to write the name “Toyoda” in Japanese is eight—which … Continue reading

#5 – Playing Chess with God

At Christmas time in 1974, we were visiting my wife Cynthia’s family in Chinook, Montana, and I had babysitting duty. Our five-month-old son, Spencer, was taking his afternoon nap. Since his birth, I had been asking questions and seeking answers. … Continue reading

#6 – Lost in Detroit

The long absences from my family during 1979 had created a real strain on my marriage, and the one constant that helped relieve some of the tension was that I called Cynthia every night at exactly 8:00. It was a … Continue reading

#7 – This is Crazy!

I had been actively looking for a new job since early fall of the previous year. Anticipating leaving Chrysler, I signed a six-month lease on a home in Detroit that was up June 30, 1980. It was early February, and … Continue reading

#8 – Committing Career Suicide

It was Tuesday, March 4, and 25 of the 60 days had passed. My boss, Frank Hoag, the Detroit Regional Manger, went along with me to meet with Hank Savoy, the Central Area Field Manger for Chrysler. Lee Iacocca had … Continue reading

#9 – Home at Last

I was frozen in time. It was day 58. Late afternoon on Friday, April 6, 1980, I was staring blankly out my office window. There were no job offers. My career at Chrysler was over. I couldn’t go back to … Continue reading