Our Goal

Our Goal:  Encourage followers of Jesus to become Hope Circle “ persons of peace”    who pray for, listen to and walk with one non-religious family member friend or acquaintance who is in crisis, doesn’t know God is real or that there is life after death so that he/she might experience the peace of Jesus in their lives and have the hope of eternal life.


What is God of Hope?

God of Hope is a resource with three main goals:

  1. To encourage followers of Jesus to understand their potential and responsibility to share their story with others using one-to-one relationships.
  2. To equip followers of Jesus to share stories of peace and hope, through the use of the internet, social media, videos and books.
  3. To break down barriers between non-religious and Jesus followers, through stories and examples of love rather than judgment.


What if?

  • How much time, money, and love, are you willing to give ONE non-religious person, so that he or she might receive the gift of eternal life?
  • Should there be a limit on How much is ONE life saved for eternity is worth?
  • What if that ONE non-religious person who is lost for eternity is one of your children, family members, friends, or acquaintances?


We All Have a Purpose

Becoming a follower of Jesus is the single most important decision you will ever make.
After that, the most important thing you can ever do is lead a non-religious family member, friend, or acquaintance to experience the peace of Jesus in their lives, be reconciled with God and have hope.



Darrell Waltrip“God of Hope will reach many souls and make a huge difference in believer’s and non-believers’ lives. I’ve been involved in many Christian projects: this is the best one yet!”

– Darrell Waltrip, NASCAR Hall of fame driver and Champion, Fox Broadcaster

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