Thomas & God of Hope Bracelets

Thomas braceletsWhat is the Thomas / God of Hope Bracelets?

Now that you have become part of the Hope Circle and have committed to the steps of being a Life Changer, we want to make available to you a daily reminder of your commitment.  The Thomas / God of Hope Bracelets are a symbol for both what Jesus did for us on the cross, and the process that Thomas went through after His death and resurrection.

The hole in the middle of the bracelets symbolizes Jesus’s sacrifice in having Himself nailed to the cross.  It also symbolizes that hole that Thomas wanted to see and put his finger in and the hole in our lives that Jesus can fill with hope.

How it works:

Wear the bracelet on your wrist, put it next to your bed, or somewhere else that you will see it daily as a reminder to pray for and talk to the one non-religious person that God’s Holy Spirit has laid on your heart.
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