Joe Gibbs“I am sure God of Hope will impact many.”

– Joe Gibbs, Pro Football Hall of fame coach and owner Joe Gibbs Racing
Website – gameplaneforlife.com


Darrell Waltrip“God of Hope will reach many souls and make a huge difference in believer’s and non-believers’ lives. I’ve been involved in many Christian projects: this is the best one yet!”

– Darrell Waltrip, NASCAR Hall of fame driver and Champion, Fox Broadcaster


Ron Manahan“God of Hope invites us to turn from despair and loss of hope to God’s story of hope through His Son Jesus.”

– Dr. Ron Manahan, Former President, Grace College and Theological Seminary


Mark Roberts“God of Hope is a compelling series of stories that bear witness to the presence and power of God, who is our hope. The creative retelling of the biblical story is historically accurate and theologically faithful. ‘

– Dr. Mark Roberts, Executive Director, Max DePree Center for Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary